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All applicants who have been educated in non-English language programs are required to submit an original transcript from each institution attended along with a certified English language translation. Applicants who would like to transfer academic credits earned at non-English Language institutions are also required to have their transcripts evaluated by World Education Services (WES). A course-by-course evaluation report must be prepared for each transcript. Please start the evaluation process as early as possible, including the submission of all required documents to WES in order to ensure the timely completion of the evaluation report. To contact WES go to; be sure to instruct WES to send the report to: Admissions Office Parsons Paris 14, rue Letellier 75015 Paris France

Written in English or be provided with an official translation in English.
Printed on secure transcript paper or the letterhead of the school (not a copy). Stamped with the school seal or other official marking.
Notarized or signed by the school official (registrar, dean, etc.).

Information that must be provided on all official transcripts:
Name and address of school.
Student name (must appear on every page of the transcript).
Dates of attendance.
Degree awarded, if any.
Names of individual courses completed.
Number of contact hours per week (for the entire term) by course.
Length of the term.
Grade or evaluation received for each course.
Grading scale (i.e.: A = Excellent…F = Failure) or description of grading system.

Please provide course descriptions for every course for which you wish to receive transfer credit.

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