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Students begin preparing for their careers the day they select a professional college of art and design. At Parsons Paris internships are an integral part of our arts, design and design management education and through which students further their creative capabilities and are introduced to the professional aspects of their chosen areas of study. The Career Development office along with involved faculty in each department develop relationships in the industry and create internship and job opportunities for students.

The Career Development Office works in coordination with your academic leaders to help all students fine-tune the skills needed to prosper in today's most challenging markets by:

> Assisting students in identifying and exploring their individual career goals

> Teaching students about the various professional "tools" and internet career resources

> Offering professional and educational development workshops including resume building and cover letter writing sessions

> Counseling students through the maze of today's wide range of career options

> Respecting students' confidentiality

> Hosting Career Days to introduce students to leaders in the art and design industries and address the practical issues of the creative professional

> Inviting pioneering guest lecturers- renowned designers, entrepreneurs, PP alums, artists

> Coaching interview techniques and the crucial differences between the American and European approach

> Accessing our Career Library for up-to-date informational and networking resources

> Connecting alumni mentors with undergrads: we value your creativity, professional accomplishments and unique capacity to serve as outstanding ambassadors for Parsons Paris

> Providing a holistic model of career exploration by integrating academic and professional experiences with your goals, values, skills and unique personalities

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